Thomas Wagner

​​Thomas Wagner

​Composer  -  Researcher  -  Inventor​


Originally a professional composer who wrote everything from Nightclub acts to film scores to piano concertos and four and a half operas. Founded and led The Wagner Renaissance Opera Company, Inc. and wrote and directed most of its repertoire. Recieved a Ford Foundation grant for a TV opera "The Beggar".

Wrote the Structural Resonance papers and received a grant to pursue development of this theory from the Richard Lounsbery Foundation. Designed a novel medical billing program. Designed an automatic prescription filling program.

Co-developed a music engraving program that received the first patent in that field in150 years.

Developed a novel and virtually unbreakable hardware encryption program.

Designed a new cochlear implant.

Designed a method to duplicate or better the sound of a Stradivarius.

Designed a method to acoustically condition any hall or listening area.