Thomas Wagner          Music


Theme song for the most exhibted  film in

HEW history.  Singer: Marlene Verplank

Excerpt from Frank Perry's film "A Thanksgiving Visitor"

Truman Capote story with Geraldine Page

Opera in One Act. Four scenes based on a story by Fyoder Dostoyevsky. A performance at New York University's Loeb Summer Festival.


Semyon Semyonich: Arthur Burrows

Elena Ivanovich: Elizabeth Humes

The German: David Dodds

Timofey Semyonich: David Decker

Ivan Matveich: David Decker


A Beginning

Scene 1  Part 1

Scene 1  Part 2

Scene 2  Part 1

Scene 2  Part 2

The Crocodile

You must stop the currently playing track before you start a new track. You do this by clicking the pause button in front of the playing track.

Piano Concerto No. 3  CBS Symphony   Excerpt

Alfredo Antonnini: Conductor Jascha Zayde: Piano