Thomas Wagner       Structural Resonance

These papers are in three parts. This project recieved a grant from the Richard Lounsbery Foundation to create proofs of the tenets of the theory.


Part 1: The Mathematical Basis of the Enharmonic system

A comprehensive description of the derivations of the mathematics of the Enharmonic Scale. There exists only one such set. Music is not an invention but basic scientific principle. Music is innate in man it appears in every culture and with the same mathematical form. Since many physicists state that the study of quantum physics is really the study of music this number set could have manifestations beyond that of harmonic music. As music it allows any piece of tonal music to play in any key and any tonality keeping every interval perfectly tuned. This tuning is fully described in Part 1.



Part 2: The non-linear wave


A treatise on physical uses of the enharmonic system including the differential tone, the construction of the tone, the nature of the interface to the airborne carrier wave, the corruption of the sound wave by the viscosity of the air and many other things Also included are notes on the array of the frequencies and the makeup of listening areas.


Part 3: Continuity, motion, energy and other things


Thoughts on a variety of subjects, some closely related to music and some loosely related.