Thomas Wagner          Music

The Wheat Remains

A musical theater piece in three acts. Libretto written and adapted by Bill Cronin: music by Thomas WagnerA


The Wheat Remains appears to have great universal appeal but when I take it to a Broadway Producer I am told that, while it is very lovely, it is not for Broadway. With this I agree but when I take to opera people I am told, it is very lovely but it does not sound like an opera. It appears that I am caught between Scilla and Charybdis We are now preparing an orchestral demo with EastWest samples and will attempt to raise funds on the Internet to mount a production of The Wheat Remains. Here is a small sample of the pieces from the work done  at a semi-staged production at the Eugene O'Neill Memorial Theater in Waterford, CT and others at an audition at the CBS Production Center.

A Woman in Love:  The heroine sings of her dreams of love.    Annette Parker: Soprano

It's The Law of the Land;  The farmers learn that they are about to lose their land.  The Company

No Friendly Voice: Minna trieds to comfort Hilma

Annette Parker: Soprano

My Hilma: Annixter makes another attempt to woo Hilma

Annette Parker: Soprano, Bob Jones: Tenor

Come Dance With Your Wives; The women want to dance while the men are drinking in the Harness Room

Damn Feemales: The men support Annixter when once again he messes things up with Hilma.

You must stop the currently playing track before you start a new track. You do this by clicking the pause button in front of the playing track.

No star Above: Anixter and Hilma sing just before the fight.

Bob Jones: Tenor, Annette Parker: Soprano